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Inspiration in the areas of home furnishings, interior design, crafty DIY projects and seasonal decor.

7 Elements of Interior Design: Executed

You’re standing in the center of your home, trying desperately to execute your design vision, just praying the answers fall straight out of the sky.  It can be difficult to tie together all aspects of interior design and make them coordinate to create a great design. Working with an experienced home designer can eliminate wasted time […]

Get a Better Sleep and Conquer Your Day

Feeling Sleep-Deprived? Are you noticing your productivity slowing down halfway through the week? Well, you’re not the only one, and the amount of sleep you’re getting just might be the culprit. Restless nights take their toll on the average Canadian’s life by disrupting daily routines, personal relationships and work productivity levels. The aftermath of not […]

Buy Quality Furniture and Save

Kristen Cross of “The Frugal Girl” Talks Finances The dining room is the heart of the home where families gather for important conversations, children do nightly homework and loved ones come together for holiday meals. Dining sets take a lot of wear and tear and it’s important to buy durable, quality furniture, which saves you […]

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Set a perfectly cozy and inviting atmosphere at your dining room table, in your office or classroom this Thanksgiving season with the latest table decor ideas!

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We put together our list of the best-dressed rooms into categories depending on which style you’re after. Each style set coordinates the quality and colour of the sofa and pairs it up with decor that won’t overwhelm, but makes some serious statements.

Buying Home Furnishing That Actually Lasts

We value the longevity in quality furniture and give you a large range of styles and tastes to choose from, without sacrificing the lifetime value. Our customers benefit from the long-lasting comfort and aesthetic in our sofas, coffee tables, rugs and more.

Stock Photo of Home

Take A Peek At Our Latest Knock on Wood Home

We love nothing more than seeing our furniture showcased in your homes, making your daily life more comfortable. Our interior design services helped create this beautiful home, take a peek!

Photo of Interior Designer, Leadia at Knock on Wood

This is Why Leadia, Knock On Wood Interior Designer, Recommends Acme

Our amazing interior designing star, Leadia, discusses why she recommends the brand Acme for all of your chrome and retro interior designing needs.